Hooks::filter_inline_sheets( TribeEventsCommunityViewsV2array $inline_sheets )

Filters the Customizer sheets that are target of a possible inline style print if enqueued to add the plugin ones.

Parameters #


(<span class="TribeEventsCommunityViewsV2array">TribeEventsCommunityViewsV2array) (Required) The list of style sheet handles that are currently candidates for inline style print if enqueued.

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Return #

(TribeEventsCommunityViewsV2array<string>) The filtered list of style sheet handles candidate for inline style print.

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Source #

File: src/Tribe/Views/V2/Hooks.php

	public function filter_inline_sheets( $inline_sheets ) {
		if ( ! is_array( $inline_sheets ) ) {
			return $inline_sheets;

		return $this->container->make( Customizer::class )->filter_inline_sheets( $inline_sheets );

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Changelog #

Version Description
4.8.3 Introduced.