Hooks::filterbar_cost_is_checked( $is_checked, TribeEventsFilterbarViewsV2_1array|int $value, TribeEventsFilterbarViewsV2_1array $current_value, string $type )

Filter the Cost filter is_checked conditional.

Parameters #


(boolean) (Required) Whether a special is checked condition has been met.


(<span class="TribeEventsFilterbarViewsV2_1array">TribeEventsFilterbarViewsV2_1array|int) (Required) An array or integer of the current fields value.


(<span class="TribeEventsFilterbarViewsV2_1array">TribeEventsFilterbarViewsV2_1array) (Required) An array of the selected value(s).


(string) (Required) The type of field the filter displays as.

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Return #

(boolean) Whether the cost condition is met for a given value.

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Source #

File: src/Tribe/Views/V2_1/Hooks.php

	public function filterbar_cost_is_checked( $is_checked, $value, $current_value, $type ) {
		return Cost::filter_is_checked( $is_checked, $value, $current_value, $type );

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Changelog #

Version Description
5.0.0 Introduced.