Featured_Title::filter_views_v2_wp_title_plural_events_label( string $label, Tribe__Context $context )

Filter the plural events label for Featured V2 PRO Views.

Parameters #


(string) (Required) The plural events label as it's been generated thus far.


(Tribe__Context) (Required) The context used to build the title, it could be the global one, or one externally set.

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Return #

(string) the original label or updated label for virtual archives.

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Source #

File: src/Tribe/Views/V2/Template/Featured_Title.php

	public function filter_views_v2_wp_title_plural_events_label( $label, Context $context ) {

		$context = $context ? $context : tribe_context();

		if ( $context->is( 'featured' ) ) {
			return sprintf(
				/* translators: %s: events label plural */
				_x( 'Featured %s', 'featured events title', 'the-events-calendar' ),

		return $label;

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Changelog #

Version Description
TBD Introduced.