View_Filters::filter_tec_events_default_view( string $default_view, string|null $type )

Get the class name for the default registered view.

The use of the wp_is_mobile function is not about screen width, but about payloads and how "heavy" a page is. All the Views are responsive, what we want to achieve here is serving users a version of the View that is less "heavy" on mobile devices (limited CPU and connection capabilities). This allows users to, as an example, serve the Month View to desktop users and the day view to mobile users.

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(string) (Required) The view slug for the default view.


(string|null) (Required) The type of default View to return, either 'desktop' or 'mobile'.

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(string) The default View slug.

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File: src/Tribe/Views/V2/View_Filters.php

	public function filter_tec_events_default_view( $default_view, $type ) {
		if ( null === $type ) {
			$type = wp_is_mobile() ? 'mobile' : 'desktop';

		if ( 'desktop' === $type ) {
			return $default_view;

		return (string) tribe_get_option( self::$option_mobile_default, 'default' );

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Version Description
5.12.3 - Moved to ECP, where it belongs.
4.9.4 Introduced.