Theme_Compatibility::should_add_body_class_to_queue( boolean $add, array $class, string $queue )

Contains the logic for if this object’s classes should be added to the queue.

Parameters #


(boolean) (Required) Whether to add the class to the queue or not.


(array) (Required) The array of body class names to add.


(string) (Required) The queue we want to get 'admin', 'display', 'all'.

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Return #

(boolean) Whether body classes should be added or not.

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Source #

File: src/Tribe/Views/V2/Theme_Compatibility.php

	public function should_add_body_class_to_queue( $add, $class, $queue ) {
		if (
			'admin' === $queue
			|| ! tribe( Template_Bootstrap::class )->should_load()
			|| ! $this->is_compatibility_required()
		) {
			return $add;

		if ( in_array( $class, $this->get_body_classes() ) ) {
			return true;

		return $add;

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Changelog #

Version Description
TBD Introduced.