Webex_Provider::render_classic_meeting_link_ui( string $file, string $entry_point, Tribe__Template $template )

Renders the Webex API link generation UI and controls, depending on the current state.

Parameters #


(string) (Required) The path to the template file, unused.


(string) (Required) The name of the template entry point, unused.


(Tribe__Template) (Required) The current template instance.

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Source #

File: src/Tribe/Meetings/Webex_Provider.php

	public function render_classic_meeting_link_ui( $file, $entry_point, \Tribe__Template $template ) {
		$this->container->make( Webex\Classic_Editor::class )
						->render_initial_setup_options( $template->get( 'post' ) );

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Changelog #

Version Description
1.9.0 Introduced.