Tribe__Events__Community__Tickets__Main::tickets_price_disabled( boolean $disabled, WP_Post|int $ticket_id )

Disable the price field if we’ve disabled price editing.

Hooked to tribe_tickets_price_disabled in event-tickets/src/admin-views/editor/fieldset/price.php.

Parameters #


(boolean) (Required) Whether the field should be disabled.


(WP_Post|int) (Required) The ticket object or its ID.

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Return #

(boolean) Whether the field should be disabled.

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Source #

File: src/Tribe/Main.php

	public function tickets_price_disabled( $disabled, $ticket_id) {
		// if we can edit ticket price, pass on through.
		if ( $this->can_update_ticket_price( true, $ticket_id ) ) {
			return $disabled;

		return true;