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File: src/Tribe/Main.php

		public function add_help_tab_forumtext() {
			$forum_text[] = '<p>' . sprintf( __( 'Written documentation can only take things so far...sometimes, you need help from a real person. This is where our %ssupport forums%s come into play.', 'tribe-events-calendar-pro' ), '<a href="" target="blank">', '</a>' ) . '</p>';
			$forum_text[] = '<p>' . sprintf( __( "Users who have purchased an Events Calendar PRO license are granted total access to our %spremium support forums%s. Unlike at the support forum%s, where our involvement is limited to identifying and patching bugs, we have a dedicated support team for PRO users. We're on the PRO forums daily throughout the business week, and no thread should go more than 24-hours without a response.", 'tribe-events-calendar-pro' ), '<a href="" target="blank">', '</a>', '<a href="" target="blank">', '</a>' ) . '</p>';
			$forum_text[] = '<p>' . __( "Our number one goal is helping you succeed, and to whatever extent possible, we'll help troubleshoot and guide your customizations or tweaks. While we won't build your site for you, and we can't guarantee we'll be able to get you 100% integrated with every theme or plugin out there, we'll do all we can to point you in the right direction and to make you -- and your client, as is often more importantly the case -- satisfied.", 'tribe-events-calendar-pro' ) . '</p>';
			$forum_text[] = '<p>' . __( "Before posting a new thread, please do a search to make sure your issue hasn't already been addressed. When posting please make sure to provide as much detail about the problem as you can (with screenshots or screencasts if feasible), and make sure that you've identified whether a plugin / theme conflict could be at play in your initial message.", 'tribe-events-calendar-pro' ) . '</p>';
			$forum_text = implode( $forum_text );

			return $forum_text;