Tribe__Template::template_safe_include( string $file )

Includes a give PHP inside of a safe context.

This method is required to prevent template files messing with local variables used inside of the self::template method. Also shelters the template loading from any possible variables that could be overwritten by the context.



(string) (Required) Which file will be included with safe context.

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(string) Contents of the included file.

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File: src/Tribe/Template.php

	public function template_safe_include( $file ) {
		// We use this instance variable to prevent collisions.
		$this->template_current_file_path = $file;
		unset( $file );

		// Only do this if really needed (by default it wont).
		if ( true === $this->template_context_extract && ! empty( $this->context ) ) {
			// Make any provided variables available in the template variable scope.
			extract( $this->context ); // @phpcs:ignore

		include $this->template_current_file_path;

		// After the include we reset the variable.
		unset( $this->template_current_file_path );

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Version Description
4.11.0 Introduced.