tribe_asset_print_group( string|array $group, bool $echo = true )

Prints the script (JS) and link (CSS) HTML tags associated with one or more assets groups.

Parameters #


(string|array) (Required) Which group(s) should be enqueued.


(bool) (Optional) Whether to print the group(s) tag(s) to the page or not; default to true to print the HTML script (JS) and link (CSS) tags to the page.

Default value: true

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Return #

(string) The script and link HTML tags produced for the group(s).

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Source #

File: src/functions/template-tags/general.php

	function tribe_asset_print_group( $group, $echo = true ) {
		/** @var \Tribe__Assets $assets */
		$assets     = tribe( 'assets' );

		return $assets->print_group($group, $echo);

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Changelog #

Version Description
4.12.6 Introduced.