tribe_get_full_address( int $postId = null, bool $includeVenueName = false )

Returns the full address for the venue. Function uses the views/modules/address.php template which you can override in your theme.



(int) (Optional) Either event id or venue id, if none specified, current post is used.

Default value: null


(bool) (Optional) To include the venue name or not.

Default value: false

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(string) Formatted event address.

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File: src/functions/template-tags/venue.php

	function tribe_get_full_address( $postId = null, $includeVenueName = false ) {
		$venue_id  = tribe_get_venue_id( $postId );
		$tec       = Tribe__Events__Main::instance();

		 * Allows customization of the venue's full address.
		 * @since ??
		 * @since 4.5.11 Added dockblock; also added $venue_id and $includeVenueName to filter.
		 * @param string $address The formatted event address
		 * @param int $venue_id The venue ID.
		 * @param bool $includeVenueName To include the venue name or not.
		return apply_filters( 'tribe_get_full_address', $tec->fullAddress( $venue_id, $includeVenueName ), $venue_id, $includeVenueName );

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Version Description
?? Introduced.