apply_filters( 'tribe_events_views_v2_view_json_ld_markup', array $json_ld_data, string $view_slug, TribeEventsViewsV2View_Interface $view )

Filters the JSON-LD data markup that will be printed for the View.

While this filter controls the markup at the view level, other earlier filters are available in the View template vars and in the code responsible for the JSON-LD data.

Parameters #


(array) The JSON-LD data markup for the current View and Context.


(string) The slug of the view currently being rendered.


(TribeEventsViewsV2View_Interface) The View instance that is being rendered.

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Source #

File: src/views/v2/components/json-ld-data.php

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Changelog #

Version Description
5.0.2 Introduced.