The Basics

First and foremost, we make an attempt to adhere to the WordPress JS coding standards.

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Code style

All javascript should be well documented. Functions, namespaces should adhere to the jsdoc 3 standard, available here.

Inside functions declare additional comments with the // syntax.

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Variable declaration

While not a fully ratified standard, nor heavily enforced, comma-separated variable declarations should be discouraged.


var v, x, y;

var $this = $(this),
  $that = $(that),
  i = 0;


var v;
var x;
var y;

var $this = $( this );
var $that = $( that );
var i     = 0;

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Personally, I’d prefer to separate the function declarations from the variable declaration chain. One of the following would allow proper docblocks without chunking up the declarations and avoid funky-looking nesting:

var dateToYmd = function( date ) {
  // ...


function dateToYmd( date ) {
  // ...

I still am not a fan of chained declaration in general. Here’s my reasoning:

  1. Chained declarations deter comments being added for individual variables and sorta hurt readability: var /** * This variable does something interesting * * @private **/ variableX = 1, /** * This variable does something else entirely * * @private **/ variableY = 2;
  2. Chained declaration statements make them harder to move around and cause needless churn in diffs and increase the possibility of merge conflicts: var x = 1, z = 3, y = 2; // changing it to the following would result in 2 changed lines: var x = 1, y = 2, z = 3; vs the following: var x = 1; var z = 3; var y = 2; // change it to the following would result in 1 changed line: var x = 1; var y = 2; var z = 3;
  3. Variable alignment of chained declarations is unpleasing to my brain (I know I could solve this by setting my tabs to 4…but that’s not going to happen): // compare this var x = 1, y = 2, z = 3; // to: var x = 1; var y = 2; var z = 3;
  4. Our unminified code should be all about readability and not saving bytes. Good minifiers turn multiple var statements into comma-separated ones.
  5. On the topic of saving bytes…In the event that the non-minified version of the JS file is served up to the user…two var statements gzip better than a single var with a comma. (via Isaac of NPM – source)

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jQuery var names

Variables that point to a jQuery object should have their name prefixed with a $ sign, per the examples above.

Utility functions, state, tests, and options for the main plugins should be stored in tribe-events.js and tribe-events-pro.js.

If functions or portions of functionality move between plugins, make sure all associated js code moves to that new area with them.