File Structure

File Naming

It should also be rare that you need to create a new file. Note that file naming is one of the few areas where we depart from the published WordPress coding standards.

PHP Class FilesClass_Name.php (please note, only one class per file. The filename needs to match exactly the final portion of the actual class name, i.e. the portion after the last double underscore) Javascript Filessome-descriptor.js (use a dash to separate segments)

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Directory structure

It’ll be rare that new directories will need to be created, but please adhere to the following structure:

  lang/                 ← translations go here
  src/                  ← all new code will go in here
    Tribe/              ← all the Modern Tribe php classes
    admin-views/        ← plugin dashboard view files
    deprecated/         ← deprecated logic goes here
    functions/          ← files containing global functions for public use
      template-tags/    ← files containing template tags
    modules/            ← block editor JS
    resources/          ← any static assets, including js, css, and images
      css/              ← compiled CSS goes here
      images/           ← images and icons
      js/               ← javascript goes here
      postcss/          ← PostCSS goes here
    views/              ← plugin view files
  tests/                ← unit tests go here
  vendor/               ← 3rd party libraries should be added here